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How UpraisIT outsourced business strategy enabled Datamatics Group to expand and scale its operations in the UK

Opportunity: Boost Customer Experience (CX)

Providing specialized contractor accounting services, Datamatics Group is a significant umbrella employer. Additionally, they provide back-office and compliance services to domestic (UK) and international recruitment firms and customers.

From IT hubs in India and the UK, they offer specialized business process outsourcing services. Their cutting-edge infrastructure supports more than 100 highly skilled and certified company executives who are committed to offering individualized support and assistance in accordance with corporate policies and international standards of excellence. The governments of India and the UK have given Datamatics Group numerous accolades, and the company is ISO 9001:2008 accredited.

Solution: UpraisIT Workplace Engagement Solutions

1. Improved Operational Efficiency: UpraisIT helped Datamatics streamline their operations and improve their overall efficiency by outsourcing specific business processes. This allowed Datamatics to focus on their core competencies and provide better services to their customers.

2. Cost Savings: By outsourcing certain business processes, Datamatics was able to save costs on resources and infrastructure. UpraisIT provided flexible and cost-effective solutions, helping Datamatics save 30% on operating expenses.

3. Scalability: Datamatics was able to grow its business in the UK with the assistance of UpraisIT without making significant infrastructure and resource investments. The knowledgeable staff at UpraisIT supplied the assistance and assets required to meet the clients of Datamatics’ expanding demands.

4. Improved Customer Satisfaction: With UpraisIT’s expertise in customer service, Datamatics was able to provide its customers with high-quality support, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

Overall, UpraisIT helped Datamatics group scale and grow their business in the UK by providing customized outsourcing solutions that were affordable, flexible, and helped them focus on their core competencies.

Working with UpraisIT

Businesses can get end-to-end digital solutions by working with UpraisIT. With the aid of UpraisIT resources, technologies, and skills, every operation can be made more effective, less expensive, and more streamlined. The partnership between UpraisIT and Datamatics has the potential to grow and benefit the clients by utilizing each other’s strengths.

1. Improve Customer Experience: UpraisIT can help businesses analyze customer feedback and identify areas of improvement in their products or services. This can lead to a better customer experience, increased customer loyalty, and improved brand reputation.

2. Reduce Costs: UpraisIT can help businesses identify areas where they can reduce costs, such as identifying ineffective customer service practices and reducing call handling times.

4. Improve Sales: UpraisIT can help businesses identify sales opportunities by analyzing customer interactions and identifying buying signals.

5. Compliance: UpraisIT can be used to ensure compliance with regulations and company policies by identifying areas where agents may not be following the correct procedures during customer interactions.

  • Customizable: UpraisIT can be customized to meet specific business needs, such as focusing on specific languages or identifying specific keywords or phrases.

UpraisIT Results: Monitor Performance

UpraisIT can be used to evaluate interactions over the phone in addition to assessing interactions over email, chat, and social media. Overall, UpraisIT provides BPOs and their clients with a strong tool to gather insightful data on consumer behavior and preferences and make deft business decisions that will propel growth and success.

Finally, by examining the customer interactions of teams that contact with customers, such sales and support teams, UpraisiT can track the performance of these teams and provide insights into their efficacy and efficiency. Businesses may improve team performance and provide a better customer experience overall by doing this.

UpraisIT has been a professional, dependable, and all-around great business provider for Datamatics throughout 7 Years and counting… UpraisIT treated our business as if it was their business. UpraisIT gained a lot of trust from us. Through this steady relationship, we managed to shift focus on other areas of our business, improving the quality of service we provide to our new and existing customers.

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